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We make your work go round!

Business Analysis

Our mission is to understand the client’s business requirements as well and as completely as possible. We “translate” the collected information to a language understood by all IT colleagues taking part in the project. This complex process helps us to achieve the ultimate goal: the smoothly operating software. The offered new software must always meet the actual current requirements, or the changed requirements should be temporarily adapted in the application.



When a new software development project is undertaken, it is always desired that all requirements are met in the new application and that the new software in the environment is best adapted. However, if the topic is not analyzed correctly or not in an acceptable timeframe, and if the necessary specialists for the job are not involved from the beginning, many compromises will be introduced into the project and in the end the “dream system” can only partially meet the planned requirements.


In order to avoid such unwanted situations and to minimize the amount of built in compromises, a business analyst should be involved in the process from the very beginning of the planning phase. Our business analysts bring this experience and precision to your project and carefully analyze all requirements in depth. With this necessary support, not only the new software, but also other connected systems, the entire environment is learnt and also checked for the necessary adjustments. The business analyst and the client together making sure that the requirements are checked from many and often completely new aspects and that new requirements will be drawn if necessary. The analyst takes care of the seamless integration of the new software into the existing environment. The involvement of an experienced analyst guaranties the success.


The focus of the analysis is on the full discovery of all the requirement blocks. All interfaces to the new application should be well specified, and the new software user interface should be shaped in a goal-oriented and user-friendly way.

Project management

Good project management is a must for success. It is responsible for the making or breaking of a company. There are many different kind of project methods. We could say that each company creates its own project manual. Ideally, these manuals are also constantly updated, so any changes made to the model can be tracked.

Furthermore besides the numerous changes introduced to the process model, there are also the constant factors requiring special attention. On one hand, the project delivery must take place in “Time, Budget and Quality”. On the other hand, the employees involved in the project also require special attention. In order to achieve the project objective, our project managers make sure that the process model is applied during the entire project in regard of the delivery and the employees. We believe that a successful project can only be carried out by qualified and also professionally fulfilled employees. Only such team will deliver in the expected quality.

In our daily project management work we always apply the project method expected by the client and we offer our 20 years of gathered experience in the project management field.

Software testing

In our projects, the testing process ensures that we deliver a software with all the previously specified requirements, the exact same requirements we defined in the planning phase with the client and the business analyst in unison.

We offer various types of testing methods. This is how we safeguard your project and this is how we achieve the ultimate goal and supply a good quality software at the end.

Manual application testing is a very important point in all software development methods. Our employees have an international ISTQB certificate and extensive experience in carrying out all test phases. Choosing the right test strategies and test plans, test data generation, test case creation, test execution, ticket management and the investigation of bugs are all part of their expertise and duties. For the test administration, they always use a suitable test tool.

Our testing staff are all great, highly qualified individuals with high work ethic. Attention to detail as well as an analytical problem-solving competence, very good communication skills and a successful conflict management competence are our basics. Our test staff pays special attention to the business logic of the affected systems. With this gathered knowledge, our employees are able to offer training and support for end users or key users during the project.

Complex applications in a continuous development require ongoing testing of their functionality. In a case like this, an automated regression test is the perfect tool. Test automation is reducing the possibility of human error during the testing process. This brings a measurable cost reduction and increased effectiveness to the project. There are various tools to support test automation and they all help to speed up the testing process significantly. Whether we use a robust third-party test tool or a self-developed test script, we always adapt to what the project needs. The platform of the automation solution also depends on the project. A mobile application, a website, an API or a software module are all potential candidates here.

Whenever we automate various business processes, we call that procedure RPA, a.k.a. Robotic Process Automation. This practice involves using software with artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning skills to handle repeatable tasks with large amounts of data and complex calculations. We make using RPA technologies a viable option to our customers, so they can take advantage of

• A better customer service,

• An easy following up of regulations and standards in various business processes,

• An increased efficiency by digitization of process data and

• Cost savings for manual and repetitive tasks.

Typical areas of application for RPA are:

• Accounting

• Back office data maintenance

• Human Resources and

• Risk Management.

The test analysis appears at several phases in the development process. Both in the preparation as well as in the development and test phase. The test analyst is responsible for the test plan and for the creation of the test protocol. The analyst analyzes the business requirements and the available system design documents. In addition, the test analyst also run test cases if necessary.

In the analysis, we are reflecting on both the “big picture” and the details at the same time. Our aim  is to contemplate both the development and the user perspective. The analysis ensures that the test process and test results comply with the industry standard and local company rules and regulations. Our highly qualified, test or business analysts create the test strategy and the test case sets. If the IT-related information and requirements are not available in the original business specification, we will add and update those documents as well.

The most valuable step of our work for the customer is the test execution part, the analysis of the test results and presenting the test report to the management. With our collaboration efforts we support the original business objective the partakers agreed upon and aimed for in the planning phase.

What does a qualified test manager (TM) do? Simply put, the TM plans the test process and controls the test project. The TM is involved from the first to the last phase of the project, takes part in the creation of the test strategy, the test plan, effort estimation, configuration management, incident management, or carries out a risk assessment and test monitoring for the project. The TM reports regularly to the project management about the status of the project to the client and to the business side. He / she is responsible for the continuous exchange of information inside and outside the project.

The TM represents its test teams in project management. His role is as important as the role of a football team coach. Even if the team consists of high-class members, if the team is not managed properly, the team can fail. Success is not a given in IT projects, somebody is always needed to train, to lead in a goal-oriented manner and to help to achieve the project goal with the team. This is the test manager. We are convinced that our test managers can overcome on all difficult project situations. We are confident that you will have on hand all the necessary skills, both professionally and personally if you decide to place your trust in us with your projects.

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